eInvoicing – All our clients have this benefit from Xero platform

eInvoicing is a business and industry led development project, strongly supported by government, as a leap forward initiative to improve the efficiency of the economy.

Encompassing the digital agenda, eInvoicing sets the framework, creates the governance, enables the technical delivery of an electronic invoice from business to business and from business to government or visa versa. This is just today’s beginning of the eInvoicing agenda with the whole procure-to-pay cycle (quotes, orders, invoices, delivery, payment) to be evolved.

The Digital Business Council was formed as a collaborative environment of interested parties to progress the thinking required to bring the different parts of the Australian economy together, the aim being to jointly develop an agreed framework that enabled eInvoicing. As of 27th July, software companies, professional associations, industry associations, government and payment gateways have approved the framework.

The progression of the eInvoicing initiative has led to the formalisation of the Digital Business Council Limited.  The initial business members are MYOB, Xero and Reckon.

Source: ICB Aug 16 Newsletter

Is Double-work Killing Your Profits and Eating Your Time?

Kill Double-work Pulp Fiction

I’d like to make a bet that all businesses are suffering from a disease I call Double-work, symptoms include: Feeling like you are working harder than you should, being the main problem solver, tight cash flow, paying too much tax, stress, worry, sleepless nights and all those things you hate about business.

Double-work is those areas of your business where things are done more than once or are done inefficiently. While it comes in many forms, a few common examples are handling paperwork, entering the same data into multiple systems and chasing money from clients.

Double-works wastes time and money but it often goes unnoticed until you are working solely to support your staff and pay the rent and the taxman, with little left over for yourself. Continue reading

Afficient & Xero Introduction

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Afficient Welcome 2:49

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